Campaign FAQ

Who I am: I am a Professor Emerita at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). I have a background as an academic community psychiatrist, a mental health advocate, and a productive and effective leader.

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Why I’m running: Facing historic mental health inequities, social injustice, climate change, COVID, and limited workforce development, our systems of care – psychiatrists and patients – are overwhelmed. The APA must respond, providing leadership for practical solutions.

I am committed to a change in process and products; the APA must address the following issues:

  • Racism and social injustice

  • Stigma and parity for patients and providers

  • Limited workforce

  • Unengaged psychiatrists in the APA

  • Continuing the Fall meeting of the APA

  • Climate change and mental health

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What I bring to the table: I have had experience in multiple positions where problem-solving, engagement, partnership and advocacy have led to the creation of productive functional systems of care including but not limited to:

  • Professor Emerita at UAB

  • Patrick H. Linton Endowed Chair in Psychiatry (1999-2014)
  • Vice-Chair for Clinical Services at UAB

  • Director, Division of Public Psychiatry at UAB

  • Medical Director of the psychiatric hospital at UAB

  • Executive Director/ Medical Director of a large Community Mental Health Center

  • Editor-in-Chief Community Mental Health Journal

  • President (4 years) and on-going board member of the American Association for Community Psychiatry

  • Board member of the American Psychiatric Foundation

  • Chair of the APA Presidential Workgroup to sustain the APA Fall meeting

  • Member of APA Committee (Conflict of Interest)

  • Chair, APA Scientific Program Committee, both for the Fall meeting and the Annual Meeting

  • DOJ investigator of state hospitals, federal court monitor of prison systems

  • NAMI Associate Medical Director

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How to vote: Electronic ballots will be mailed to eligible voting members with a valid email address on file beginning January 4; reminders to vote will be sent through direct emails and the Psychiatric News Update and Alert. You can cast your vote anytime between January 4 and February 1. Paper ballots are available on request by sending an email to and must be postmarked by the February 1 deadline. It’s not hard to vote and takes only a few minutes.

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